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Spa Cover Options

Foam Density
  • Standard ‰ÛÒ Medium Density
  • Heavy Duty ‰ÛÒ High Density
  • All taper from 100mm to 55mm thickness
  • 2 Section Standard ‰ÛÒ Up to maximum of 2500mm Long / Wide - One Piece - Hinged (2 separate foam halves permanently hinged in the centre forming one piece). The best style for insulation, safety and rain/debris proofing.
  • Three Section Separate ‰ÛÒ Up to 3600mm Long - 2 sections hinged, 1 section separate - detachable
  • Four & Six Piece Separate - Up to 4800mm Long ( 4  Section) and 7200mm Long ( Six section) All sections are separate - detachable
Shape Required

Measurements Required:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Corner Radius (any angle corner) state 0 (zero) for a sharp corner i.e. not curved.
  • Height of Spa Lip/Skirt Length - state 0 (zero) where no skirt is required i.e. for inground concrete spas, etc.
  • ALL Individual Side Lengths
  • Overall length and width ‰ÛÒ ensure you take into account the outer edge of the spa shell at the lower part of the skirt or spa lip, as they often roll outwards further than the upper edge.
    Use OUTSIDE dimensions. Allow 10mm extra for ease of installation/removal due to skirt.
  • Determine if you are measuring to suit the cabinet or the spa shell size/shape.
  • Only use the cabinet dimensions if the shell is only slightly smaller.

Corner Radius Measurements:

  • To correctly measure the radius of a 90 degree corner ‰ÛÒ extend two straight edges beyond the sides of the spa shell. 
  • Measure from where the spa shell starts to curve, to the point where the two straight edges intersect ‰ÛÒ this is the corner radius.
  • For a very small radius or where the angle of the sides differs from 90 degrees, the use of any object such as a pressure pack can, paint tin, etc is the easiest way to determine the radius. Simply find a round object that best fits your spas corner radius and measure across that object.
  • Halve this measurement ‰ÛÒ that‰Ûªs the corner radius.
  • Provide corner radius for every corner on the spa.
  • Lock Strap Length - 4 locks are fitted to all covers as standard - standard strap length is 200mm.
  • This is measured from the female lock receptacle on the cabinet, to the top of the skirt (or bottom of the actual cover)
  • For situations requiring a different length - longer or shorter, you can specify your own length.
  • This may be  desirable for installations such as - on a deck, in-ground, or to get over a wide ledge, etc.

Clearly mark all dimensions on the diagram to minimise delays. If you have any doubts, please call to avoid a mistake. Please email or fax a sketch of your spa with measurements in addition to submitting this completed form. For freeform, oval and other odd shapes, please call. 

Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Side Length (mm)
S1:  S2:  S3:  S4: 

Please mark these sides on sketch:


Determine whether you are measuring side lengths to the outside of the spa shell or the outside of the spa cabinet (note that the vertical measurement taken is from the outside edge of the spa shell which has a rolled lip)

Skirt Length (mm): SK

add 10mm extra for spas without protruding timber or deck, to ensure lip rollover coverage


Skirt Length Measurement

(measure from the top of the lip to the bottom of the acrylic shell, or if you are measuring length to the outside of the cabinet, you can extend the skirt an extra 10mm, or beyond the timber rail, to your liking) Note the measurement is from the projected horizontal level of the underside of the cover - this eliminates incorrect measurements made due to rolled spa shell lips.

Corner Radius (mm): A or B

for 90 degree corners

Corner Radius (mm): B

for all other angle corners (mark clearly on a sketch, which corners if  different)


Corner Radius Measurement - 90 degree corners

From the start of the curve to the point of intersection of the projected sides - use anything with a straight edge to project the sides)

Lock Strap Length (mm)

Measured from the bottom of the cover/top of the skirt to the lock receptacle (standard - 200mm)

Additional Comments

It is your responsibility to ensure all details entered, are correct. Once your order is accepted, payment for the cover will be taken prior to manufacture commencing. Custom made spa covers are not refundable once manufacture commences, nor returnable unless defective or incorrectly supplied. Double check all parameters selected above - particularly drop down lists - if you use a wheel mouse, it may scroll down the list to a different description to that originally chosen.


Please print a copy of this form prior to Submitting it, for your own reference.

Please allow 4-6 weeks from order placement to receipt of your cover. This timeframe may blow out towards the Christmas period.

 Please tick the box to confirm acceptance of the stated terms and conditions of sale.

We will email you a copy of this information, and require confirmation, prior to processing the order.


If the form does not submit and you are directed to an error page, please contact us immediately.