Mobile Phone 'On-site' Service Tech App

For the spa technician, this 'onsite service tech app' will make your mobile phone 

the most valuable tool in your toolbox!

Don't get caught out on site without the manuals for the spa controller you are trying to fault diagnose. We have the answer:

Access to our extensive range of 2000+ spa controller quick reference cards, operating manuals and service technician manuals delivered right to your mobile phone - Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Symbian and Blackberry are all supported, via OneDrive.


To access files directly - click here.


To access on your smart device - you need:

Microsoft OneDrive account online (most people may already have a OneDrive account), and
OneDrive application on your mobile phone or tablet (3rd party apps for Symbian & Blackberry).

All free - no strings and although there are multiple steps required, very easy to set up and well worth it once activated! 

Mobile phone - Android, Apple iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia Symbian, or Tablets
Mobile phone network or wifi access with sufficient 'data' download allowance. The files are not stored/saved on your phone or tablet and average 0-3MB, some are up to 90MB.


Instructions (IMPORTANT - do them in order as below):

1. Main Computer:
OneDrive account setup/download is linked here (if you don't already have one):
OneDrive offers 5GB of online storage for free - it's just like an online backup hard drive with auto synchronisation between linked devices.
Follow the steps to sign up for / install OneDrive unless you already have an account. During set-up the program pre-selects document folders you might want to sync for your own personal back up/online syncing. You can either set this feature up when it asks, or untick the folders automatically ticked, and press 'next'. Your folders can be set up at any time.

2. Mobile Phone or Tablet:
Next, download the OneDrive Application for your type of phone or tablet.
OneDrive supports Android phones & tablets, iPhone, iPad, Windows phones, Symbian and Blackberry mobile phones. 
Phone applications supported are listed here for Apple, Android and Windows phones / tablets: 
Blackberry and Symbian devices – you will need to search the appropriate App stores for Apps that access OneDrive.
Follow the steps on screen to set up Skydrive on your phone.
You've set up your phone!
You will also need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) onto your phone or tablet. Other .pdf viewers may not open or render files correctly. 

3. Next:
Email us at to request permission to access our OneDrive shared files - we will need the email address used for your OneDrive account or OneDrive will not allow sharing. This is not an automated step, it's a manual step where we need to use your email address to send a sharing request. Please be patient, this may be done anytime from immediately to overnight.

4. Main computer:
* IMPORTANT* You may need to sign into your OneDrive account to see that we have sent the invitation, however you should receive email notification.
Once you have completed these instructions and been emailed a 'share' confirmation, you will be able to access our ‘Spa Techs’ shared folder from within the OneDrive App on your phone.

On your phone click the ‘Shared’ icon and a new screen 'Shared With Me' will appear with a folder ‘Spa Techs’.
Click on this folder to access our technical files all categorised by brand. 
You can now view these files on-site (provided you have 3G/4G or wifi access)

You now have access to our 'Spa Techs' folder and all the files within, for viewing on your mobile phone. 
The most valuable tool in your toolbox!

*Beware - many of these files are of considerable size ranging from 100KB - 90MB. The file size is displayed under each file. Most are well under 3MB but are still substantial in size (ensure the data component of your phone contract is of adequate size or unwanted extra data download charges may apply. We recommend using wi-fi connection wherever possible*

The spa manuals and information available on OneDrive far exceed those that are available from our online public download page plus technical manuals not available for public download.
Additionally, OneDrive offers viewing the file whilst onsite in front of the spa without permanently installing the files, which require valuable storage space, however this also means the same file will require re-downloading each time it's required.
The total combined folder size of the 'spa techs' database exceeds 1.6GB.

Remember now that you've created a OneDrive account online, you can now make use of 5GB of online storage space to safeguard your own computer files. No-one can see your files unless you wish to, and create a share folder such as the 'Spa Techs' share folder we have created for you.

A great reason to buy a smart phone and download OneDrive!!!

DO NOT SHARE TECHNICAL SERVICE MANUALS WITH SPA OWNERS - These are for spa industry personnel only. 
Some settings on some electronic controls will cause catastrophic failure if not set correctly for the application they're installed in. Warranty will also be void on parts damaged due to incorrect settings or connection. Ensure settings are correct. If in doubt do NOT apply power until you have discussed settings with us.
Additionally we must stress that proper electrical qualifications are required when working on electronic spa control systems. 

Overview of the contents of our shared OneDrive folder - 

1300+ files and information you'll find available at your fingertips whenever you're in front of a spa:
Quick reference  / touchpad function cards
Owners manuals for electronic controllers
Technical service manuals, wiring diagrams, programming and installation instructions
Spa filter cartridge sizing & identification chart
Waterway suction installation / data manuals for fully approved suction fittings rated up to 1330 litres per minute!
Installation plumbing schematics for swim jet systems, blower plumbing, ozone plumbing, Waterway jet installation instructions.
Current complete Waterway pool & spa catalogue
Error / message Codes - a comprehensive manual full of hundreds of touchpad error & message codes to assist in your diagnosis whilst on site - INVALUABLE!
Brands include:
Aeware, Aquachek, Aquaflo, Balboa, CSN, Del, Eco-Spa, Elecro, Ethink, Gecko, Hurlcon, Hydroquip, Infinity, LX, Jacuzzi, MSpa, SloanLED, Spa Builders, Spaquip, Spanet, Spa-Tech, Splash Pool Accessories, Sundance Spas, Waterco, Waterway, Xylem and many many more. 
There are very few spas sold in the world that haven't used one of the controllers covered.

What we don't have:
Complete Spa manuals - we've concentrated on equipment manuals only. We have links to many manuals for specific spa brands on the website 'Downloads' page. Other than including the controller manual information we have provided in this folder, these spa brand manuals generally provide an overview on spa operation and maintenance.

We have additional manuals available for more obscure brands on request. If there's any missing you think should be added, please let us know. Similarly, if you have an unlisted manual on file, please email us a copy for addition.

Future additions:
Additional ‘How to' files describing symptoms and resolutions to numerous spa specific problems/faults.
New manuals as they become available.
We will consider requests - please email us with feedback on what you'd like to see added. 

spatex cannot be held responsible for any equipment failure or programming problem caused by the use of the shared files on either our website or Onedrive shared files whether instructions are properly followed as described or not. All of the manuals and files available to view are suitable for spa installations within Australia & New Zealand and are the most current versions to our knowledge. Most should be suitable Worldwide.

Nor can we be held responsible for any surprise data charges incurred from your mobile phone carrier - it is your responsibility to ensure you have a phone plan with sufficient data allowance included.
For International Technicians - Australia / NZ have 240v, 50Hz power supply. The voltage, frequency, power transformers, circuit boards and other components may differ in your country. This may affect the accuracy of some of these files. Similarly, some files refer to 110v/220v 60Hz power supply, and may affect accuracy for Australia / New Zealand.

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