Spazazz Aromatic Escape Spa Beads


Spazazz Instant Aromatic Escape Spa Beads 

23 fragrance variations to choose from !

Spazazz beads will fit all brands of spa aromatherapy canisters we are aware of including Waterway Plastics, CMP and Spaquip. 
Diameter of the Spazazz canister is 32mm and they are 73mm high including the handle.

Do not remove the beads from the canister.  Simply remove the canister from the packaging, slide the protective cylinder from the bead canister. Insert the canister into the spas aromatherapy canister/holder. 
Do not put Spazazz beads directly into the water. They are designed to frangrance the air passing through the spas jet system. 

Spazazz Instant Aromatic Escape Spa Beads Aromatherapy Fragrance Cartridge

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NEW RANGE - 23 different aromas to choose from! Spazazz Instant Aromatic Escape Spa Beads - aromatherapy fragranced beads - click on image to scroll through images of the individual fragrances Perfect for ...

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