Remote Spa Controllers

Spa handheld remote control system controllers

Ascon Turmion Smart Control Systems

With Turmion remote controllers you can link multiple double outlets and 24v DC solenoid controls remote from each other to control up to 32 seperate products plugged into one of the systems sockets, all from a waterproof handheld remote control. 

From a simple on/off for your spa bath pump, through to timeclock filtration control for your pool pump as well as pool lighting, pumps, blower, garden lighting and any other electrical appliance you want to remotely control.

Turmion Smart Controllers are sold in starter kits and additional components. Base kits control 2 outleta. Add either a single 15A outlet or twin 10A outlets to expand the system. 24v DC  modules are also available to operate solenoids or valve actuators to control water flow for solar or spa/pool heating.

Please contact us for your remote control setup requirements if the base models and expansion components don't seem to suit your installation.

Ascon Turmion Smart Linking Control - LCD Remote Control

SKU: as32635

ONE ONLY - Do not backorder if nil stock displays Ascon Smart Linking Control DELUXE LCD 32 channel remote control. The LCD display can be programmed with Channel naming. eg on screen it can show 'spa pum...

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Mercator ikuu WiFi Smart Spa Mobile Phone Control Weatherproof Plug In Socket with Energy Meter - 10A

SKU: m-connect-spa

Use your mobile phone as a hand held remote control via a dedicated App You can control the outlet from right next to the spa, or from the other side of the world! Mercator ikuu WiFi power outlet is M4...

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Triflo Spa-Key Replacement Remote Controller

SKU: e6650

Edgetec Spa-Key replacement remote control handset Suits Triflo Spa-Key bath pumps and Enhance Spa-Key air blowers To synchronise to your existing Spa-Key pump - see PDF - the process differs with pu...

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