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Spa Builders Systems Group electronic control system components and parts for LX series spa and hot tub controllers such as LX - 10, LX - 15, LX - 20, LX - 25 and LX - 30 used in various spas and hot tubs including Palm Springs Spas (now Palm Beach Spas), and Bullfrog Spas.
The majority of parts are universal, however the circuit boards are designed for Australia and Europe with 240v / 50Hz power supply (many will work on 220v, 60Hz - they can also run on 110v with correct transformer)

See also - Gecko Electronics subcategory - Spa Builders also manufacture Gecko SSPA & MSPA spa packs in white metal casings labeled S-Class & M-Class. All Gecko products are cross compatable.

We highly recommend you consider sending your complete control system (including touchpad) for assessment / repair rather than purchasing a circuit board for your electrician to fit. Should you purchase and FIT a pcb, it CANNOT be returned as 'no longer required' or 'didn't solve the problem', etc. 

Spa Builders LX - 15 PCB Circuit Board

SKU: sb3-60-0095

Used on Palm Springs Spas, Bullfrog Spas and others LX-15 Export Main Alpha 3-60-0095 rev 5.75, 240v, 50Hz Controls 2 pumps, blower, ozone, heater and light....

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Spa Builders LX - 25 / 30 PCB Circuit Board

SKU: sb3-60-0047

Used on Palm Springs Spas, Bullfrog spas and others - LX-25 (original Rev. 042P1S, PCB 3-60-0022, Eprom 3-60-1035) This replacement PCB is p/n. 3-60-0047 and is supplied WITHOUT eprom programming chip If you...

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