Mona Lisa-Jazzi-Spas - Infinity Megastore Spas

Electronic control panel topside touchpads for Chinese manufactured spas from Mona Lisa Spas, Jazzi Pool, JNJ Spas and others
Monalisa Spas, Jazzi Pool spas and JNJ Spas are sold into Australia and around the world under many names.

In Australia the main brand Mona Lisa Spas were sold as was Infinity Megastore Spas or Infinity Spas
Also sold by Blue Have n Spas and others

Listed here are three Chinese manufactured electronic spa touchpads:
HLW-15B 16 button touchpads, 
M07D1 or MN07-D1 15 button touchpads, 
Ethink KL8-3 16 button touchpads

Please note: there are numerous versions that look identical/near identical and may or may not be cross compatable - always check the electrical connection types, compare decal markings and physical size. Any doubts, contact us prior to purchase.



Ethink KL8-3 touchpad

SKU: ETKL8-3tp

Ethink KL8-3 touchpad Used with Ethink KL8-3 spa control box and: Up until mid 2015 - with non Ethink heaters such as LX H30 After mid 2015 - with both Ethink AND alternate heaters such as LX H30 Prio...

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