Jets - Diverter Jets

Many spas have been fitted with larger swim / whirlpool sytle jets that have the alternate function of acting as a water diverter as well, instead of a standard diverter valve on the top of the spa.
A diverter jet directs the flow from the pump to either the actual diverter jet itself, or to plumbing leading to other jets.
Diverters of different design or settings allow water diversion to one or two alternate plumbing outlets in addition to the jet.
Most diverter jets are aging and becoming rare with the more popular spa top mounted diverter valves being used.
We have a small range of the only diverter valves available, listed here.

Care must be taken when replacing an existing diverter jet - the new jet functionality and plumbing port configuration may be very different from the original jet.

Hydroair 2/3 way Butterfly Diverter Jet

SKU: hai10-5040

Available with white jet face Suits 83mm diameter hole 3 way diverter jet...

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Waterway Turbo Jet - Whirlpool 2-3 port Diverter Jet - Stainless Steel / Dark Silver Grey

SKU: ww210-4399s-DSG

Waterway Turbo Jet - 304 Stainless Steel Face / Dark Silver Grey nozzle See images for multiple water flow configurations - ensure it is plumbed and setup correctly for your application. (Note that add...

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