Identify your Plug & Lead Type


A number of products we sell are listed with multiple options for the cord / plug type. 
If you are unfamiliar with these, its difficult to identify. 
Products you may need to select the plug type for include many pumps, air blowers, ozone and other electrical items. 

Displayed below are the various 'families' of common plug and lead types available so that you can identify the cord type you need to order.
Note that in some cases the cord type you have is not necessarily the could type you 'should' have (see note at the bottom regarding AMP cords) 

 1. Plug & Lead type: BLANK - for direct termination, ring or spade terminal connection
 2. Plug & Lead type: LC - used on Aeware in.x series spa packs - suits ozone, blower, circ pumps
 3. Plug & Lead type: HC - used on Aeware in.x series spa packs - suits 1 & 2 speed jet pumps
 4. Plug & Lead type: AMP to suit LX, Joyonway, Aeware in.y, Balboa - 1 speed pump, blower, ozone - 3 wires
 5. Plug & Lead type: AMP to suit LX, Joyonway, Aeware in.y, Balboa - 2 speed pump - 4 wires
 6. Plug & Lead type: AMP to suit Davey / Spaquip, Spanet - 4 wire - 2 speed pump, 3 wire - all others
 7. Plug & Lead type: Standard Australian 3 pin Cat 38 - suits standard power points
 8. Plug & Lead type: Piggy Back - only offered with select circ pumps or ozone generators

 9.  Plug & Lead type: mini J&J (JJ) - Ozone 
10. Plug & Lead type: mini J&J (JJ) - Air Blower - Hydroquip spa packs (opposite to circ pump)
11. Plug & Lead type: mini J&J (JJ) - Air Blower - Gecko spa packs
12. Plug & Lead type: mini J&J (JJ) - Circulation Pump - Gecko spa packs
13. Plug & Lead type: mini J&J (JJ) - 1 speed jet pump, Blower (some Balboa and LA Spas Gecko)
14. Plug & Lead type: mini J&J (JJ) - 2 speed jet pump - 4 pins


AMP plugs - you will note by looking at the above images that the 'AMP to suit LX, Joyonway, Aeware, Balboa', and the 'AMP to suit Davey / Spaquip, Spanet' plugs are the same. The difference is the moulded black grip on the Davey/Spaquip, Spanet version. 
The reason that it MUST be this style when used with Davey Spaquip, and Spanet controllers is that this plug type offers both double insulation AND mechanical strain relief. 
The AMP to suit LX, Joyonway, Aeware & Balboa plug has no double insulation or strain relief - it relies on the control box to offer these features due to the connections being inside the box with a cable clamp as it exits the box. 
Also note that heat shrink over the cable does offer double insulation, but NOT strain relief. It is NOT suitable or permissable to be used with Davey Spaquip, or Spanet controllers. Unfortunately this version is often seen fitted from the factory on Chinese made spas. Therefore you should check the cord type you 'should' have rather than the one you do have.  
On the other hand, the use of a AMP to suit Davey/Spaquip/Spanet cord on an LX, Joponway, Balboa, Ethink KL8800 or Aeware in.y series spa pack is not always possible either due to the restriction of space inside the control box. Particularly with Balboa and Ethink controllers where circuit board damage could result.

Mini J&J plugs - these are specific for each application. ie the pin configuration for a single speed pump differs from an air blower. The idea being that a pump cannot be plugged into an air blower socket etc. Unfortunately some spa manufacturers ordered spa packs with the same sockets for all outputs in order to minimise multiple cords. This poses a problem when ordering because an incorrect cord may be received. We fit the CORRECT cord type as ordered (or as specifically stated in an item description). 
Spa Industries (Signature Spas, Cyclone Spas, etc) with older Balboa packs, and LA Spas with Gecko S-Class and M-Class packs were most affected. Often these packs were fitted with single speed pump sockets for all outputs such as ozone, air blower, pump 2, etc. Pump 1 socket in some cases is a 2 speed pump socket (4 pins) but the pump might be 1 or 2 speeds. 
Examples of us supplying a correct cord that might not fit:
LA Spas pump 1, single speed - if you order a new single speed pump, you'll receive it with a single speed plug (3 pin) which won't fit the original 2 speed pump 1 socket (4 pins) they have used. 
Signature Spas ozone - if you order a new ozone generator, you'll receive it with an ozone plug which is a different pin configuration to the single speed pump socket they may have used. 
Hydroquip spa packs generally use the same configuration of plugs but their Air Blower plug is different. We offer this option for some product. 
We cannot be held responsible for spa equipment manufacturers using other than the designated plug pin configurations. In the event that you receive a cord with an incorrect plug, you will need to either re-use the original cord, or purchase the correct cord required.

Wire Colours - Cords of all Plug types can be supplied with different inner wire colour combinations. All are perfectly fine to use but can be confusing. 
Correct colour coding
Earth - Green or Green/Yellow 
Neutral - Blue or White 
Low Speed of a 2 speed pump - Black
High Speed of a 2 speed pump - Brown or Red 
Active - for 1 speed pump, air blower, ozone, etc - Brown or Black

For 2 speed pumps from LX and Davey/Spaquip - These companies bucked the industry trend and reversed the factory supplied cord colours as follows:
Low Speed - Brown 
High Speed - Black
Care must be taken when changing cords on these pumps to ensure the correct configuration (this may mean switching colours for low/high speed - Neutral and Earth always remain the same)