Heat Pump & Other External Heat Source Control Integration

External heat sources can be properly and safely integrated with electronic spa control systems so that the spa control touchpad still controls the desired temperature and the external heater operation accordingly. 
We offer generic Integration Units fo ruse with any spa control system and any external heater (gas, heat pump, heat exchanger, or other) and also units specific to particular spa packs.

Aeware Gecko in.grid - Automated External Spa Heat Source Control

SKU: aeware0608-521033

Gecko Aeware in.grid in.terface module - external spa heat source connector. IN.GRID-XH 4AC-CO in.grid module enables the interconnection of an additional / external heat source to a Gecko Aeware in.y...

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Spa External Heater Integration Module - Heat Pump or Gas

SKU: sx-giu-no

External heat source integration module for portable spas Connect separate gas heaters, heat pumps or other heat sources to the electronic spa control pack to control heating from the spa touchpad. Suits...

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