TRADE ONLY SALES - Importer and wholesale distributor to the spa, pool, spa bath, hot tub and aquaculture industries

We only sell to authorised swimming pool, spa, spa bath, hot tub industry professionals (retail customers - please click on the Retail Reseller Finder link above to find a supplier in your region to acquire our products)

Direct from our warehouse, spatex imports, distributes, wholesales & supports the largest range of spa, spa bath and hot tub parts in the Southern Hemisphere with over 75,000 individual parts from over 5,000 product lines physically stocked at our Brisbane warehouse.

Our product range is primarily related to spa / hot tub parts and associated support, but we also supply a growing number of specialty product lines targetted towards swimming pool and some aquaculture applications

We have a massive database of nearly 2500 spa control panel user manuals & technical spa service repair manuals along with chat, phone and email tech support to help resolve whatever issue you face, often whilst on-site.

spatex offers pool and spa industry, and aquaculture industry customers a huge range of products and spare parts sourced from around the world, the vast majority of which are warehoused by us ready for immediate shipment.
We import and distribute a number of leading brands, and sub-distribute the rest.

Spa industry related products include pumps, air blowers, heaters, electronic control systems, plumbing fittings, jets, filter cartridges, valves, lighting, ozone, safety suctions, audio components, water features, tools and much more.

Spa Bath industry related products include chrome jets, safety suctions, air controls, air buttons, pumps, air blowers and lighting

Pool industry related products include concrete spa jets, safety suctions, sacrificial zinc anodes, electric heaters, heat exchangers, venturi pumps and more.

Aquaculture related products include marine grade electric heaters, plumbing fittings and more.

Many products have applications outside our industry as well.